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Good Oral Hygiene Tips by Expert Dentists

dentist-in-a-procedureYour teeth are not only a means for chewing and eating your favorite food, but they contribute to your smile which is the most crucial source of confidence for everybody. Being careless toward oral health can not only spoil your food pleasure and trust, but also generate various tooth issues like cavities and other grave oral diseases. So never forget to take good care of your oral health, because “good teeth, good health”, and “health is wealth”. In this article, you will learn proper oral hygiene tips by Coral Gables DDS Carlos Gutierrez.


Brushing is an essential tip to maintain your teeth healthily. The expert dentists recommend twice brushing on a daily basis. It will remove dirt and prevent plaque to a notable extent. You can stop bad breath, yellow smile and multiple teeth and gum diseases.

Apply Proper Method

Brushing doesn’t mean just performing a formal ritual with your brush; it needs proper technique actually to give you sweeping benefits. The specialists recommend brushing back, forth and in all directions. The circular motion of your brush can also perform a good job. Don’t go too fast, because you are supposed to remove the plaque and germs, not your teeth and gums. The surfaces of your teeth used to chew need also to be brushed properly.


Though brushing can help a lot to maintain your oral health, you cannot get fully clean mouth because your brush may not reach some places like in between the teeth. So, flossing is recommended at least once a day to enjoy fully clean mouth and good oral health. You can also ask your dentist to give you flossing. Besides, if you have entered the teenage boundary, flossing for you has become a must.

Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning is also very important, if not on a daily basis, at least after some days. If you neglect this tips, bacteria will find a place to settle causing bad breath. You can use a good mouthwash for removing bacteria from your tongue. Besides, it will give you fresh breath and confidence.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

For good oral health, you need to visit your dentist on a regular basis after taking care of your teeth and gums by the tips given above. He will tell you the present oral health status along with recommending you useful tips to maintain and improve your oral health.

Unknown signs of high blood sugar

high blood sugarWe all are highly aware of diabetes, aka hyperglycemia, and high blood sugar. It occurs in the body when the amount of sugar rises in the blood and sometimes becomes difficult to control. The can be mild, moderate and severe indications of high blood sugar in the body. Some of the symptoms can help to know about having diabetes or high blood sugar. Take a look at them.


People who suffer from high blood sugar have more fatigue as compared to the physically-fit ones. In this way, they feel tired after some time while performing any task. Therefore, it can also be indicated as a sign of diabetes.

Weight Loss:

The reduction in weight is another major sign of high blood sugar. The patient starts to lose weight due to increase in sugar level in the blood.

Increased Urination:

The passage of urine for a healthy person is 3 to 4 times a day. If there is an increase in urination, it indicates something wrong with your body. You may have a kidney disease or any other issue, but increased urination shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.

Increased Thirst:

When you feel more thirsty and needs to stay hydrated even in the cold weather, you may have the problem of hyperglycemia. It is a common indication faced by diabetics except increased urination and weight reduction.

Dry skin:

It is another symptom of having a high level of sugar in the blood. However, doctors don’t pay greater attention to it. It can be an indication of moderate to severe high blood sugar.

High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure and fast beating of the heart are common signs of high blood sugar.

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